ICE Tax Protection Scheme

Professional Fee Protection Limited (PFP) provide this insurance which is included as part of your Platinum membership of ICE.

ICE are the policyholder and qualifying members are insured for the specified insured events listed in the Policy Schedule of Insurance. ICE is not recommending to its members a particular insurance contract, nor arranging one on their behalf. Members have not paid an individual insurance premium as this is included within your Platinum membership as an added benefit.


Please ensure you have read the Schedule of Insurance, Insurance Product Information Document and Policy Document supplied for further details on the insured events and the terms and conditions applicable to the policy.


The policy is provided on the basis that no advice has been given in respect of suitability of the contract to the insured party and we would direct you to the Demands and Needs statement on the supplied Terms of Business.


Please note this insurance excludes absolutely any loss directly or indirectly arising out of, contributed to, or resulting from any infectious or otherwise communicable disease.

Qualifying Criteria

All current and fully paid up Platinum members receive the benefit of this valuable protection free of charge provided they meet the following eligibility criteria:


Membership of ICE must be in force and fully paid up at the time that the investigation is first notified.


Only companies, firms, partnerships or organisations specifically named as a member of Platinum membership are entitled to the protection offered by this insurance policy.


All members must be domiciled in the UK.

View the Policy Documents and discover How to Make a Claim